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Useful information for your stay in Bariloche

Welcome to ULT 2014. We wish you a pleasant stay and here are a few reminders and information on our conference site. We hope you enjoy the Conference, the views, the surroundings and the hospitality of our Hotel.
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Please remember that it is winter in the Southern (...)

Travel from Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Distance from Buenos Aires to Bariloche: 1.600 km.
You will most likely fly (2:20 hs):
- from the city airport in Buenos Aires ("Aeroparque"), or
- from the International Airport ("Ezeiza") (not recommended unless you are connecting to an international flight directly, either upon arrival (...)

Travel instructions

Foreign visitors entering Argentina must present valid passports.
It is recommended to contact the nearest Argentine embassy or consulate in your own country, to have accurate information on visas and customs regulations.
If the Argentinian Embassy or Consulate requires a letter of (...)